Management Excellence

Man Exc Consulting is a company having consultant with outstanding success in multi-cultural environment across a large geography and in several industries. Over 20 years he acted in different top managerial positions for important multinational companies.

Our values:
  • Integrity: We act with integrity.
  • Honesty: We are involved in projects where we could add value for our customers.
  • Excellence: We assess carefully, develop winning strategy and advice realistic solutions.
  • Empathy: We deeply understand client issues and the business impact.
  • Loyalty: We link our success to our client achievements.


What can we do for you


Operations Management

If we rightly say marketing is the business growth engine we may also inforce that company operations represents the main fuel supplier for buisness growth with expected profit.

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Business Improvement

Nowadays, most of entrepreneurs and managers are under enormous pressure of day by day business challenges. No matter if we talk about multinational or local companies.

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Business Strategy

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenge in business is the ability of the management to define the long-terms plan delivering immediate high results, as well.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

If grow through aquisitions is one of your strategy pillar you may proceed forward but carefully.However, you have to know that during this journey there is no short cut.

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Managing People

Managing people is about organizing and motivating individuals to work together to achieve certain goals. Managers must understand people’s needs and behaviour to become effective leaders who can inspire and develop team members.

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Managing Change

Change is the most important element of successful business today. In order to remain competitive in increasingly aggressive competition and frequevent market changes, organizations have to adopt a positive attitude to change.

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Waste is bad!

According to Lean (Kaizen) philosophy, waste (muda)elimination represents one of the essential activities of profit management. The Japanese word muda (waste) means waste of material, time [...]

Trust, respect and recognition !

Teen years ago, I used to travel every week from Europe to different destinations in Africa, Asia and Middle East for business purpose. In those days, [...]

If it’s not simple, it is not Lean !

When a company decided to implement a Kaizen system, very often the management team expects immediate dramatic improvement with direct impact to bottom line of their [...]

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