If it’s not simple, it is not Lean


Business Improvement

Nowadays, most of entrepreneurs and managers are under enormous pressure of day by day business challenges. No matter if we talk about multinational or local companies and no matter if there is a strategy in place with detailed plan or the business success is based on taken immediate opportunities on the market all management teams are focus on sales growth and profit improvement.

During this “battle” everyday managers must face different unpredicted situations which require their full attention in order to make a deep analysis and conclude the right decisions.

In this “carousel” very often managers make a quick investigation without route cause analysis, jumping directly into conclusions hoping the quick decision will help them to sort out the issue and eliminating possible recurrence.

But did we really ask our self all potential questions and identified what it is the business impact of our decisions on medium and long terms?

But have we had all necessary information for deep analysis? Have we found the real route cause in order to make the right decision to eliminate the cause and having no recurrence in the future?

When we consider business improvement is not necessary to consider dramatic strategic change which normally should be discuss at least once a year. However, we discuss here about a system to help us understanding the quality of our results and how sustainable are they. This system should create the framework to better inform all employees and involve them in problem-solving and waste elimination in order to deliver strategic objectives.

There are many opinions in terms of improvement systems. However, the truth is the only one with proven result over decades is Kaizen system or better known under Toyota system or simple “Lean management”.

Kaizen system is much more than a methodology. This is a philosophy how it could be managed a successful and sustainable business.
In the context of Kaizen, management has two major functions: maintain company processes and standards and driving continuous improvement.

But how do we appreciate the spent time proportion between the two major management function? How could we find the right balance in order to have a Lean process from customer order until we get paid for our products shipment?

If you are interested to discuss with an experienced consultant about Lean system implementation please contact us!

What should you expect after Lean system implementation?

Firstly, you will find how to put sense into practice and a low cost approach for improvement. Also, you will find the need to develop a learning organization but not placing too much emphasis on teaching knowledge but striving to lead the company to group learning of fundamental values derived from common sense, self-discipline, order and economy while achieving “lean management”.


This system will help you to transform your managers from being “firefighters” into facilitators and active participants in focus improvement teams. They will act proactive, consistent and coherent in order to deliver superior business results on medium and long terms without jeopardising short-term achievements.

We have accumulated an outstanding experience in implementing and managing Lean (Toyota) system across different countries and industries.

Our cross industries and multi-cultural experience gives us the confidence we would be able to develop customised solutions for your business together with your team using the basic 14 management principals of Lean (Toyota) system.

If you would discuss about the implementation of these principals and benefits for your organization please contact us!

Last but not least, in our extended practice we have noticed that most of the issues in business come from the fact that management and employees do not understand why particular issues occur. Hawever,they do not understand mainly due to the fact their processes are not Lean.

If it’s not simple, it is not Lean !

Please contact us and we will support you to make your company Lean from customer order until you get paid for your products shipment!

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