To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

– Winston Churchill

Managing Change

Change is the most important element of successful business today.In order to remain competitive in increasingly aggressive competition and frequevent market changes , organizations and each individuals have to adopt a positive attitude to change .

Ignoring or minimizing a change trend can be costly, we need to teach managers how to be a step ahead of rivals, identifying the type of change and driving the process.

In continuous change environment managers must have the competence to understand why the organization needs to be prepared for change and what kind of change it is necessary: improvement and strategic . As long as the change for improvement could be approached with existing resources strategic change must have a totally new methodology.

If you need to discuss about change management principals and how to approach it please contact us.

It is vital to identify correctly the sources of change in order to be able answering initial questions: why we need to change, what we have done wrongly, why I am ma guilty, what it will happen to me and so on.

If we want to have a smother process it is extremely important to start with professional plan in detail and effectively communicating to the organization each step and the organization impact.


Equally important it is not to forget that people are resistant to change because they are afraid. Also, they are afraid because they do not understand. They do not understand because they need time to move from the initial phases of shock, passive resistance, active resistance to later acceptance. During this process the visibility of management team in organization must be at a high level.

Also, do not forget it does not matter how much you communicate in this period if you are not focus enough how you effectively communicate. Lastly but lees important it is the expressed empathy which is more valuable for affected people than even a bonus!

The truth is no matter how urgent is a particular change there are not short cut in terms of managing change approach.

That’s why during crisis situation or urgent need for business transformation it is extremely important to address to external consultants having the right experience and expertise.
Also, when you approach consultants make sure they have built their experience in similar projects before becoming a consultant.

If you need to develop and implement a transformation program for your business please do not hesitate to contact us.

We believe we can support you to identify the particularities of your change and advice you accordingly

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