The way you manage your company and the way you manage your people has to be totally different.

– Carol Bartz

Managing people

Managing people is about organizing and motivating individuals to work together to achieve certain goals. Managers must understand people’s needs and behaviour to become effective leaders who can inspire and develop team members.
This process is not really simple as “riding a bike”. You need to develop some techniques and competences that may be applied to build a management framework that suits different situations approached by different techniques.

Our extended cross-industries and multi-cultural experience gives us the confidence we are able to advise you how you could become an inspirational leader.

If you are interested to develop your organization developing yourself firstly, please contact us!


The truth is that is not easy to differentiate the good way or the wrong way of leading people if you do not take into consideration the link between particular situations and the way how you acted or reacted.

If the leading people process seems to be so randomize, the question is how leaders could handle successfully so divers situations which may occur during a business cycle.
There are some general techniques that might be applied. This is good news! However, you must build on your technical skills by developing leadership qualities and you need to practise them in every situation.
Also, despite of your possible native abilities for communication and leadership you might consider a specialized advice in order to become an inspirational leader.

There is a saying in business: “if no one from you team feels inspired by you this means that your leadership competences must be addressed urgently.”

The streamline is you must develop yourself firstly in order to be able to develop your team.

In order to manage people you need to distinguish between management and leadership.

Management is essentially about steady-state processes. It deals rationally with such complexities of organizational life as problem-solving, planning, budgeting and controlling.

Leadership is fundamentally about personal behaviours and styles . It appeals to the emotions, seeking to align people behind a vison and inspire them to make that vision a reality.

It is important to use both management skills and leadership abilities.

The challenge lies in applying both types of skills appropriately in given situation to deliver successful outcome.

In summary, a manager might run successfully day-by-day operations but only a leader could develop the business by motivating and inspiring the team.

We are able to advise you how to manage the organization, how could you become an inspirational leader and how may you build a successful team.

You will understand more how it is possible to delegate tasks but keeping the responsibility for final results and how to develop a fair and coherent people appraisal.

Last but not least, you will learn how to link organizational development system with programs for employee personal development and how to deal with difficult people and situations in the workplace.

We can develop tailored programs based on your organization needs linked to company development strategy.

If you are interested to understand more about your organization opportunities for people motivation and team development please contact us.

Remember: most of people become motivated to work for you if they get satisfied three basic needs for: trust, respect and recognition for their contribution.

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