Trust, respect and recognition !

Trust, respect and recognition !

Trust Respect

Teen years ago, I used to travel every week from Europe to different destinations in Africa, Asia and Middle East for business purpose.

In those days, I was responsible for a large number of factories for foods, personal care and home care products –FMCG industry.
The geography, where I used to operate, was very large and the diversity in terms of countries, cultures and languages was high making my tasks more difficult.

I knew that in such as very complex technological environment with many spoken languages, the cultural differences from a country to another are extremely important to be considered and it was essential to understand them in order to make the right decisions and to cooperate successfully with local teams.

I remember that for several months during each trip I used to take notes trying hard to identify cultural differences, understand them and to work with.

Until one evening when I was flying from Mumbai to London. During my flight summarizing my notes about cultural differences recognized more or less during three day visiting few operations in Mumbai I have suddenly realized I miss something important. Being focus so much on identifying cultural differences I omitted what these people have in common, no matter which language they speak, religion, education, and skin colour or economic and social environment.

I remember it was like a cold shower refreshing me immediately. I was very happy to realize that all these people need to perform the same what I need: to be respected, to be treated with trust and getting recognition for the performance and involvement.

Since then the magic solution for people motivation has been successful validated in many places worldwide. I understood there is important to identify the differences between people, how they think, act or what kind of social or individual value have.

However, this has practical relevance only if I am aware about what are their common needs: trust, respect and recognition.

It is not complicated and not expensive, as well. Isn’t it?

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